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Lock up your valuables, Higi is about!

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Here's my latest character, intergalactic jewel thief, magpie and generally naughty person, Higi M'Wah!

She was dyed using a mixture of green and yellow iDye poly. Her face up/ body up (?) was done with Perfect pearls iridescent powders, pastels, fine glitter and acrylic paint. The scaly pattern covers her arms,legs and torso as well as her head. She was going to have bright red hair, but I decided I like her bald! smile

Sorry she's a bit “fur coat and no knickers” at the moment - I haven't gotten around to making her other clothes yet smile

Her shoes are painted Makielab black wedges with additional jewels. And of course she gets her own fabulous personalised gun smile




15 Apr, 2013 21:20

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Aaaaaaaaa!!!! LOVE IT! smile

Dude, I am so making a purple Makie now…


15 Apr, 2013 21:25

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smile She's utterly stunning!


15 Apr, 2013 21:32

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smileSo much awesome!!

*head asplodes*


15 Apr, 2013 21:36

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Ooh. I love her scales!! Funnily enough I was wandering around hobbycraft tonight looking for stencils or general things to use for doll painting effects (with no luck.. they're so overpriced and rubbish in there on the whole).

It's a lovely effect!! Well done. I'm loving all your characters! xxsmile


16 Apr, 2013 00:22

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Beautiful! Love the scalessmile


16 Apr, 2013 02:33

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smile wow! Amazing work!


16 Apr, 2013 06:19

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16 Apr, 2013 14:01


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I'm afraid.


16 Apr, 2013 14:21

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She looks awesome. Serious skillz, yo'.


16 Apr, 2013 16:28

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