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The One Of A Kind Doll, Made Just For You

Makies are the world's first fully customizable doll - YOU design their face and choose the hair, color, clothes and accessories!

Your unique Makie will be brought to life using the magic of 3D printing, capturing every fine detail.

Just 3 Fun Steps Is All It Takes

Step 1: Create your Makie's unique face using our magic technology

Step 2: Pick the hair, eyes, and colors for your Makie

Step 3: Choose from a range of awesome clothes and accessories to bring the finishing touch!

We'll create your Makie using our patent-pending process, and ship anywhere in the world within 2 weeks of your order.


Build a Doll on the Big Day!

Our customers tell us that kids LOVE building Makies. With a Makies Gift Card, your loved one can build her or his own custom doll on unwrapping day - so fun!
Then, two weeks later that custom, one-off Makie doll will arrive directly at the recipient's home, in still-festive packaging.
It's DOUBLE joy!


Makies are premium, unique, STEM-lovin’ dolls for the girl or boy in your life who imagines a new kind of character to play with.

With our new Career Packs, your Makie can be anything they want to be - the sky's the limit!

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