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What are Makies?

Makies are...

Super Creative

The most creative dolls in the world, because you make them yourself! Use the Makie Creator to pick hair, eyes, clothes - even shape the face. Make a mini-me, a superstar - whoever you dream up. You can also make amazing Makie fashion and jewellery, add makeup and more...


Totally one-of-a-kind, right down to the secret ID inside her (or his) head. Every single Makie is a unique individual, and only YOU can have yours.

Picture Perfect

Standing on their own two feet, doing (advanced!) yoga, being kawaii and taking selfies. Rare? Yes, VERY! Check it out...


Seriously, everywhere. What will YOUR Makie get up to?


3D printed using sturdy (and non-toxic) nylon plastic, Makies are meant to be played with and built to last. They bear the British Toy and Hobby Association’s Lion Mark, signifying high standards of quality and safety. With swappable parts and upgradable bodies, Makies are designed to be enhanceable, fixable, and loved for a lifetime.

Kind to the Earth

Makies are produced in London by folks who believe in sustainability and local production. Their bodies are 3D printed in the UK and Amsterdam, and the process is highly efficient and waste-free. Their clothes are made by hand in MakieLab’s workshop, and even their packaging is sourced in the UK.


Makies have been safety tested in the EU and are CE marked as safe for ages 3 and up. They’re officially the world’s first 3D printed toy! Many of us in the Lab are parents and very picky toy shoppers ourselves, and we’re making toys that we’re very happy for our own kids to play with.

Well Supported

We assemble all Makies by hand with love, and are always happy to help after they’ve arrived in their new homes. We’re quick to respond with information and advice through our online Support Centre, and if anything goes wrong, we’ll try our very best to make it right. In the unlikely event that you’re disappointed with your Makie doll, you can return it within 30 days of delivery for a full refund (less shipping costs) as per our Terms and Conditions.

Award Winning

We've won some amazing awards!


What’s it like to order and own a Makie? Here’s what our customers say!

Nikki, USA

"I've never had a doll quite like my Makie. I'm glad such fun, wonderful people have made such a cool concept a reality. A very friendly experience and a perfect doll!"

Ashley, USA

"Communication after ordering was fantastic. I e-mailed them with a question and got a response very quickly. They kept me informed as to what part of the process my Makie was at, too, via e-mail. As promised, about two weeks later, a package from MakieLab’s arrived from London!"

Emily, USA

"Bottom line? Wow. This is an unusual, spectacular doll. I have never had a doll buying experience quite like this, nor have I ever seen a doll that looks, feels and moves quite like a Makie."